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Chapter History


Delta Sigma Theta is an international public service sorority, dedicated to making positive impacts in communities through the sharing of membership skills and organizational services that are in the interest of the public. The Middletown (DE) Alumnae Chapter was chartered on April 27, 2014, by twenty-six talented and visionary women. All of these women had already accepted an active responsibility and commitment to making their community a better place in which to live. Therefore, it was perhaps prophetic that these women; who already had a common bond, would decide to come together as a unified force and tackle issues of the citizens of the    Middletown, Odessa, Townsend, and Delaware City Areas. The Middletown (DE) Alumnae Chapter was the sixth chapter of Delta Sigma Theta established in the state of Delaware. As we continue to grow, we stay focused on our mission of sisterhood, scholarship, and service, committing to staying the course as agents of change.

Charter Members

 Natalie P. Alford                                               Stacey N. Jones Bey                                                Lurleen Black Bryant 

 Cordelia Dozier Bostic                                      Juanita Butcher                                                      Tasha M. Butler

 Shevena Cale                                                     Tiffany Gibbs-Earle                                               Charlisa Edelin  

 Rita Gomes Fisher                                             Jamett L. Strickland Garlick                                 Felicia Marie Gibbons Ÿ

 Naima Lockhart Gibson                                   O’Shell Howell-Cooper                                          Joy Oliver Hunt

 Leslie McNair Jackson                                      Sharita McGhee Lampkin                                     Nyia McCants Ÿ

 Cylinda McCloud-Keal                                    Gloria J. Nichols*                                                    Sharon Turner Pepukayi

 Vanessa Murray Phillips                                  Aisha Lord Ryan                                                    Natashia I. Sanders      

 Mychell Sneed Jacobs                                        Ruth Tucker


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